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Selecting a Hot Water Heater

In selecting a new hot water heater, you must first consider three things; the purchase price, the yearly operating cost and your peak hours hot water requirements.

The purchase price can be reduced significantly by selecting a more energy efficient hot water heater alternative, thereby lowering your fuel cost. In addition, correctly sizing your water tank to meet your needs during periods of highest demand will ensure that you do not purchase more hot water heater than you need. For example, a 40 US gallon high efficiency hot water tank is normally adequate for a family of four or five without running short of water during the busiest times of the day. Therefore, unless you have extraordinary needs, purchasing a 50 gallon water heater could be overkill, costing you more money in both purchase price and energy consumption.

The economically priced water heater at your local hardware might seem to be a good deal, but if it is inefficient, it can cost you a lot more in the long run. In comparison with common, low efficiency hot water tanks, a high efficiency replacement storage tank water heater will save you up to $500 over the water heaters 10 - 12 year life span. A tankless domestic hot water heater will save up to $1800 over its 20 year life expectancy* and some of the latest models in smart hybrid water heaters could save much, much more.

Rheem Hybrid Electric

Hot Water Conservation

Reducing the amount of hot water that your hot water heater needs to regularily provide can save you money.

You can reduce your families hot water consumption requirements without any inconvenience simply by installing low flow shower heads and bathroom tap aerators.


Bradford White     
Atmospheric Vent     
John Wood
Power Direct Vent

Many new clothes washers and dishwashers are designed to use smaller volumes of water and you can opt to wash your clothes with warm or cold water.

Any of the above or a combination thereof will reward you with much lower fuel costs. The above chart shows how hot water is commonly used in most households. Note that almost two thirds of domestic hot water is consumed in the clothes washer and shower!

Water heater efficiency has increased substantially over the past decade with much better insulation, more efficient heat exchangers and improved flues. These improvements have raised the "Energy Factor" or "EF" considerably.

We supply and install the most energy efficient domestic water tanks with the ENERGY STAR® seal of approval. HOME Plumbing supplies all of the major water heater brands including Rheem, John Wood, and Bradford White.


* Source: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); statistics includes gas, oil or electric water heaters